Humans Are Now Our Only Shareholders

 Humans Are Now Our Only Shareholders

People are hurting, deeply. The drive to chase dreams is dwindling, overshadowed by the allure of social media and the pressure to conform. Yet, there is immense power in embracing uniqueness, and we hope our brand embodies that. To truly focus on this, we must start with improving our mental health.

By Archie Clay III

After my first company failed, I wasn't sure if I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship anymore. The downfall was painful, not just because of the sacrifices, but because we were on the brink of something remarkable. It was clear we had something special. However, life's journey and God's plan often involve unexpected detours. This setback made me reassess what I genuinely wanted to achieve and, more importantly, the impact I wished to make.

Life is challenging for entrepreneurs, but it's also tough for everyone due to the lack of emphasis on mental health and well-being. Reflecting on my journey, I realized that my success stemmed from a loving mother who was honest about the world's realities and the importance of being true to oneself. She instilled in me the mantra: **BE YOURSELF!** I've always adhered to that principle. Additionally, having a supportive community and friends was crucial. Sadly, many people lack this foundational support.

When we say "humans are our only shareholders," we mean it. We aim to create a brand that inspires greatness in every aspect of life. Just as we prioritize physical fitness and financial success, we must equally prioritize mental fitness. This holistic approach is vital for true happiness.

Our brand strives to be different by always focusing on providing value and resources to our customers. If other brands overlook the well-being of people, we absolutely will not. We believe in fostering a community where everyone feels valued, supported, and motivated to achieve their dreams.

In a world obsessed with conformity, we champion individuality. Our mission is to remind everyone of the power in being unique and to support them in their journey towards mental, physical, and emotional well-being. Together, let's build a future where mental health is as important as physical health, and where everyone feels empowered to be their true selves.

Join us in this mission. Let’s be a beacon of change and a source of inspiration. If other brands don’t care about our people, we damn sure will.
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